Papakiki! (Episode #2)

I swear that’s not my van parked outside, and I don’t have a bear suit in the back either!

With this posting, another glorious episode of ‘Girls, Listen to What Your Father Says!’ (Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!) is finally released. We apologize for some of the delays that made this one take a little while, but there were a massive amount of typesets this episode and there are quite a good deal of lines script-wise in comparison to most shows on average. Anyways, hope you enjoy what is now Pettanko’s second release. Remember, gents, if it isn’t flat and smooth, it ain’t right!

With that said, download links (Nyaatorrent mirrors) are available below. I promise I’ll put up a DDL mirror or two later, guaranteed.

Once again, take some time to enjoy a complimentary song : Club Ibuki in Break All (doushimae arigato gozaimasu, Suika desu. Hai~ Jan~)

480p: [Here] | 720p (8-bit): [Here] | 720p (10-bit): [Here]

Nighty Edit: Sorry, the CRC for the 720p (8-bit) should be [E84CDB74]  not [E9586AF7].

13 comments on “Papakiki! (Episode #2)

  1. It’s great.
    Could I have permission to use your soft english sub for my project ? It is absolutely NOT for commercial purpose, just to share for free.
    I would also gladly do everything else you want.

  2. CRC is not checking out for me on the 8bit release. I’m getting E84CDB74 using Anime Checker. Forced a recheck on the torrent and it says A-OK. ???

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