A pleasant greetings to all.

Welcome to the current website for Pettanko Fansubs. We are pleased to have you visiting us, and look forward to gaining more visitors over time as we grow and progress as a fansubbing team. We’ll be kicking off our foundation by subbing Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!, what appears like a fun venture into ‘comedy’ for the whole of us. We don’t quite know how long we’ll exist, what we’ll do in the future, or where our decisions will take us but so long as we can provide a service to you, the viewers, we will continue onwards and strive to be better at what we do.

Here’s to many more seasons, and a fun start. Cheers! (or Kanpai, if you prefer!)

We’re actively recruiting! Interested? Drop by #pettanko @ irc.rizon.net!

5 comments on “A pleasant greetings to all.

  1. Looking forward to seeing releases! I will randomly pick you guys for Papa so don’t let me down 🙂 Always keep things going, and thank you for all your efforts

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