Papakiki! (Episode #4)

You see this kiddies? This is your average /a/ lurking neckbeard. Oh, who am I kidding, some of us are among them.

It’s once time for another excellent release of Papakiki. This one was a bit slow (by about two weeks if that’s ‘a bit’) due to some RL problems arising for key group members, notably our translator. Alas, this shall never happen again, gents… at least not if we can help it. Also, I’ve played TERA over the weekend. Shit was cash.

Lets up the ante a little. You want to know why you should download our subs? Huh? Do you? Shall I give you a reason? Here’s your freaking reason, punks:

That’s right, because flat is motherfucking justice. You hear me?!? You got this shit? Pettanko is moonspeak for flat, so download pettanko. Want more reasons? Want me to make it so you can’t have an excuse? Smooth, sleak, flat, delicious, and without flaw: only perfection, both on the surface and beneath the cloth. That’s why, now start downloading.       


Take some time to enjoy yet another complimentary song as well :  Reimu and Suika’s Heaven & Hell Can Can  (BECAUSE IT’S A CAN CAN, MAN.)

You gettin’ sick of the antics now, weekly requester-kun? I ain’t stoppin’ until this show stops airing.

480p: [Here] | 720p (8-bit): [Here] | 720p (10-bit): [Here]

Nightowl64 Edit: Apologies for the delays. Me being caught up in my labwork is pretty destructive towards fansubbing. Hopefully I’ll get a few grants in and be able to get caught up.

11 comments on “Papakiki! (Episode #4)

    • We’ve had issues getting transport streams, which are higher quality than the shareraws some groups used. The files were corrupted in some of the archives and the remaining download links weren’t available to US users. So, we had to get a hold of one of our Canadian friends!

      Now we’ve got our raws and everything encoded, and all that’s left is just going through the process of release for each one.

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