Papakiki! (Episode #5)

Miu approves of your shenanigans.

She sees you reading El Oniichan, and approves.

Hey there, Belldandy-sama here. Finally here with episode 5. Took us forever, but RL shit got in the way for a while. Can’t really do anything about it. Shit happens.

Anyway, you may be wondering if we’re still gonna keep this going. Well, I have your answer: we’re gonna keep going until we finish.

Will we get stuff out in a timely manner? Possibly… I hope.

If we don’t get stuff out in a timely manner. Just find a copy of El Oniichan and take a quick read of it.

See, everyone reads El Oniichan. If you aren’t, get to reading it. It even has fun puzzles.

Now then, download the episode, watch it, then read through El Oniichan while we work on episode 6.

Just to keep tradition going.

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