Papakiki! (Episode #1)

How could you decline such an adorable loli requesting a favor? Seriously, how?

It is with great pleasure that myself and the rest of the staff here at Pettanko Fansubs (also known as [Pettanko] from here on) bring you our first release together: Episode #1 of Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! (henceforth referred to as Papakiki, because the show references it, and we like it). Alot of hard work and effort was put into this first episode by the staff, and I think we’ve gotten better as a team throughout the work we’ve put into it. I’d like to say that several of us (myself included) have improved our previously existent skills and will continue to strive for high-quality releases in the future. I also think that the staff has gotten to know each other more (well, the new additions, considering some of us have worked together before) and hope we’ll continue to be bro-tier with one another. Everything is looking fine so far, so here’s hoping we can bring you many more releases and keep improving the quality you’ll come to expect over time!

With that said, download links (Nyaatorrent mirrors) are available below. If I get enough complaints or requests for DDL’s, I’ll upload them somewhere.

As a closing note, take some time to enjoy the staff (and the groups) by association: Tsurupettan! (…because pettan~ pettan~ tsurupettan!)

480p: [Here] | 720p (8-bit): [Here] | 720p (10-bit): [Here]

24 comments on “Papakiki! (Episode #1)

  1. Thank you!!!

    I was hoping a fansubs group would actually translate this instead of just using CR’s subs. After 5 groups, I had just about giving up…you have no idea how grateful I am for you guys doing this!

  2. Such a kindly greeting. Thank you for all of your hard work so far and this great website. And thank you for providing a 720p 8-bit, which is all my work notebook can handle and has always looked great to me on my 32″ LED. I look forward to watching this first episode of yours.

    P.S. I found you though a portal that makes dl links from the torrents. If you don’t want to be bothered by creating dl’s, you could copy those links back here or direct your viewers over there. It’s name is It created links to 11 different dl services for your first episode, such as this one for MU:

    On the other hand, there is one dl service which makes possible a small revenue stream to support your efforts if you set it up from your site. That would be Fileserve. The joy of multi-services is people get different levels of free service in different areas, and some actually subscribe to a particular dl site for superior speed. In my case, with free service I get 1.2 MB/sec average speed with max of 2.5MB/sec with MU, but only 400k/sec max with FS.

    If you think you might want to explore the Fileserve revenue, you should probably copy and erase this P.S.

    Thanks again. Hope I didn’t bore with useless stuff.

  3. Quick question, are these your own translated subs or edited cr subs?

    Thanks for your release and looking forward to watching it.

  4. Thanks for the release! Great subs 🙂
    Just one question though…
    I checked the Media info of the file out of curiosity and I saw the Movie name Doki’s Guilty Crown 10 720p release.
    Just wondering btw 😀

    • The person who muxed our release actually forgot to change the info. Admittedly, we were all tired by the point of release, and some of us had gone to sleep.

      Oh well, shit happens. It won’t happen again.

  5. Are you considering some other Winter/Spring 2012 animes in parallel with Papa no iukoto? Or will you be focusing on just one for now? 😀

    • We’re using Japanese naming order.

      As for DDL we’ll start adding DDL links with episode 2. We’ll also get DDL links for ep. 1 in the next day.

  6. Oops… I see my question has been answered above…

    Then I’ll ask… what is wrong with the CR script? Can you point out any errors in it? I typically find that CR does a better job translation wise than fansub groups doing their own TL, but not always of course.

    If you can explain to be precisely why your script is better than the CR script then I’ll watch your version, otherwise I’m just going to watch rori’s CR edits.

    • I can’t, and don’t feel like, going into detail about Crunchyroll. All I can say is I (personally) have some issues with them: the way they translate some cultural references, the way they reverse name order to ‘Western’ style, and how they drop honorifics which are essential to understand relationships and levels of respect between people.

      Other than that? Nothing is stopping you from watching Crunchyroll. Bear in mind the following, however. Rather than take a script from people who were paid to do what fansubbers do, or just watch a straight rip from CR themselves, why not watch our release? Consider the fact, always, that fansubbers do not get paid to do their jobs. We do what we do our of respect and appreciation of anime, and use our free time to provide a service to those who cannot natively speak Japanese: for free.

      Whatever you watch, however, is your own choice. I cannot persuade you any differently.

      • The honorifics and Western name order are invalid complaints as CR has left those intact in this release. Also, groups that are doing CR edits put almost as much effort into their subs in ways such as fixing grammatical errors and adding typesetting and karaoke. That being said, I agree that people are free to make their own decisions on where to obtain their anime as any source puts a notable amount of effort into their releases and would appreciate being acknowledged for all their hard work.

      • CR has done a rather nice job TL’ing this show from what I’ve seen. However, CR has also left very critical parts of the dialogue out and has instead replaced them with watery sentences that loses meaning. The biggest mistake I’ve seen so far is CR’s ep 2, where they totally mistranslated several signs. I’m not saying that your group’s choice of ripping CR and editing is wrong, Hatsuyuki person, but I will say that CR’s Americanization of Japanese sentences is a very poor choice. Using more authentic translation will always preserve more for the audience that was made under the studio’s original intent. I firmly believe fansubbing should not alter that. -TL

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