Papakiki! (Episode #5)

Miu approves of your shenanigans.

She sees you reading El Oniichan, and approves.

Hey there, Belldandy-sama here. Finally here with episode 5. Took us forever, but RL shit got in the way for a while. Can’t really do anything about it. Shit happens.

Anyway, you may be wondering if we’re still gonna keep this going. Well, I have your answer: we’re gonna keep going until we finish.

Will we get stuff out in a timely manner? Possibly… I hope.

If we don’t get stuff out in a timely manner. Just find a copy of El Oniichan and take a quick read of it.

See, everyone reads El Oniichan. If you aren’t, get to reading it. It even has fun puzzles.

Now then, download the episode, watch it, then read through El Oniichan while we work on episode 6.

Just to keep tradition going.

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Papakiki! (Episode #4)

You see this kiddies? This is your average /a/ lurking neckbeard. Oh, who am I kidding, some of us are among them.

It’s once time for another excellent release of Papakiki. This one was a bit slow (by about two weeks if that’s ‘a bit’) due to some RL problems arising for key group members, notably our translator. Alas, this shall never happen again, gents… at least not if we can help it. Also, I’ve played TERA over the weekend. Shit was cash.

Lets up the ante a little. You want to know why you should download our subs? Huh? Do you? Shall I give you a reason? Here’s your freaking reason, punks:

That’s right, because flat is motherfucking justice. You hear me?!? You got this shit? Pettanko is moonspeak for flat, so download pettanko. Want more reasons? Want me to make it so you can’t have an excuse? Smooth, sleak, flat, delicious, and without flaw: only perfection, both on the surface and beneath the cloth. That’s why, now start downloading.       


Take some time to enjoy yet another complimentary song as well :  Reimu and Suika’s Heaven & Hell Can Can  (BECAUSE IT’S A CAN CAN, MAN.)

You gettin’ sick of the antics now, weekly requester-kun? I ain’t stoppin’ until this show stops airing.

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Nightowl64 Edit: Apologies for the delays. Me being caught up in my labwork is pretty destructive towards fansubbing. Hopefully I’ll get a few grants in and be able to get caught up.

Papakiki! (Episode #2)

I swear that’s not my van parked outside, and I don’t have a bear suit in the back either!

With this posting, another glorious episode of ‘Girls, Listen to What Your Father Says!’ (Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!) is finally released. We apologize for some of the delays that made this one take a little while, but there were a massive amount of typesets this episode and there are quite a good deal of lines script-wise in comparison to most shows on average. Anyways, hope you enjoy what is now Pettanko’s second release. Remember, gents, if it isn’t flat and smooth, it ain’t right!

With that said, download links (Nyaatorrent mirrors) are available below. I promise I’ll put up a DDL mirror or two later, guaranteed.

Once again, take some time to enjoy a complimentary song : Club Ibuki in Break All (doushimae arigato gozaimasu, Suika desu. Hai~ Jan~)

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Nighty Edit: Sorry, the CRC for the 720p (8-bit) should be [E84CDB74]  not [E9586AF7].

Papakiki! (Episode #1)

How could you decline such an adorable loli requesting a favor? Seriously, how?

It is with great pleasure that myself and the rest of the staff here at Pettanko Fansubs (also known as [Pettanko] from here on) bring you our first release together: Episode #1 of Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! (henceforth referred to as Papakiki, because the show references it, and we like it). Alot of hard work and effort was put into this first episode by the staff, and I think we’ve gotten better as a team throughout the work we’ve put into it. I’d like to say that several of us (myself included) have improved our previously existent skills and will continue to strive for high-quality releases in the future. I also think that the staff has gotten to know each other more (well, the new additions, considering some of us have worked together before) and hope we’ll continue to be bro-tier with one another. Everything is looking fine so far, so here’s hoping we can bring you many more releases and keep improving the quality you’ll come to expect over time!

With that said, download links (Nyaatorrent mirrors) are available below. If I get enough complaints or requests for DDL’s, I’ll upload them somewhere.

As a closing note, take some time to enjoy the staff (and the groups) by association: Tsurupettan! (…because pettan~ pettan~ tsurupettan!)

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A pleasant greetings to all.

Welcome to the current website for Pettanko Fansubs. We are pleased to have you visiting us, and look forward to gaining more visitors over time as we grow and progress as a fansubbing team. We’ll be kicking off our foundation by subbing Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!, what appears like a fun venture into ‘comedy’ for the whole of us. We don’t quite know how long we’ll exist, what we’ll do in the future, or where our decisions will take us but so long as we can provide a service to you, the viewers, we will continue onwards and strive to be better at what we do.

Here’s to many more seasons, and a fun start. Cheers! (or Kanpai, if you prefer!)

We’re actively recruiting! Interested? Drop by #pettanko @!